According to the law, two ministries share the main responsibility for metrology in Denmark, i.e. the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

In order to facilitate the coordination between the two ministries, a coordinating committee was set up, which ensures a smooth processing of the tasks where both ministries have an interest.

To advise the two agencies involved, the Danish Safety Technology Authority and the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, in their work with metrology, a broadly founded committee has been set up under the Safety Technology Authority.

The object of DANIAmet is to strengthen the metrology players’ professional and communi-cational work, through coordination, etc., as well as being able to represent the players in relation to the Danish authorities and collaboration partners abroad.

DANIAmet is therefore an important collaboration partner for both Danish authorities and users, just as DANIAmet actively represents Denmark internationally in both the Metre Convention, Euramet and other bodies concerning fundamental metrology as in OIML, WELMEC and other bodies concerning legal metrology.

The DANIAmet Association has a special purpose: the coordination in relation to the member organisations, which themselves have the right to speak for their specific activity area and can – in consideration of the metrology players’ interests – speak on general metrological matters with Danish interests.