Flow refers to the flow in the media of fluid as water and other fluids as well as atmospheric air and gases which also includes the setting of the speed and direction of the air (anemometri).

The flow measurement is by great significance to the essential areas including process industry and supply and not least it plays a major role in the relation to the climate and energy.

The Danish NMI’s on the flow area is attended by Force Technology A/S and Technological Institute. In mid 2008 they were assembled in the virtual ”Flowcenter Denmark” and comprehensive:

“Waterflow (the volume, mass and energy)” at Technological Institute selected in 1997 (2001 the primary Lab.), and may, with regard to measurement of mass, time and temperature perform calibration of flow and energy meters up to DN 250 mm and 500 m3/h at water temperatures from 12o C to 85o C – see more, like as it uses Laser Doppler Velocimetri (LDV) in/on site. See more.

“Flow in other liquids than water” at Force Technology A/S Laboratory, which covers measurement of oil, gasoline, liquefied gas, etc. They can perform calibration of the volume flow on 400m3/h.

“Gasflows (the volume and mass)” at Force Technology A/S selected in 1988 and covers with reference to NMI in Holland the calibration of gas flow meters in the area up to 5000kg/m. Currently working in primary accomplishment by the reference through the European gas cubic meters. Learn more.

“Anemometri” at Techlological Institute Laboratory.
Based on traceable measurement of pressure, temperature, relative humidity and length the laboratory measure air velocity up to 28 m/s. and is currently establishing traceability in LDV. See more.

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