Electrical quantities, such as voltage, resistance and current, are used in almost all sectors and have a large, but often indirect, influence on our daily lives. Electronics are abundant in our homes and in industry to a scale we seldom consider. Privately we pay our electricity consumption based on measurement of electrical energy, while the proper functioning of all sorts of electrical equipment we surround ourselves with, from mobile phones to washing machines, are dependent on a multitude of electrical measurements. In industry electrical measurements are used for monitoring of processes and for functional and safety tests on equipment. Narrow tolerances decide if the equipment is accepted or must be rejected. In addition, many other measurement quantities are converted to electrical quantities which are more easily measured and processed in automated data acquisition systems. Hence the availability of reliable electrical measurement technology has a far greater importance than what is seen at first glance.

In Denmark two DI’s are appointed in the field of electricity, coordinating their cooperation in Danish Pimary Laboratory for Electricity, DPLE:

DC electricity at Danish Fundamental Metrology A/S

DFM maintains standards for the two fundamental electrical quantities, DC voltage and resistance, which are based on quantum electronic components. DFM offers calibration of reference standards for DC voltage from 0 – 10 V and for resistance in the interval 1 ohm to 10 kohm.

AC parameters at Trescal A/S

Trescal A/S was appointed as DI in 1993 (and as primary laboratory in 2003), and based on multijunction thermal converters from PTB, offers calibration of AC-DC transfer difference for voltage (1 mV – 1000 V / 10 Hz – 1MHz) and current (10 µA – 100 A / 10 Hz – 100 kHz). Derived from these quantities and with reference to other DI’s, calibration is offered for voltage, current, power, energy, capacitance, inductance and AC resistance.

Trescal A/S offers calibration of various parameters within the area of electrical power & energy (up to 1000 V, up to 100 A, 10 Hz – 100 kHz, 0 – 360 °), such as active and power quality (PQ) – complex non-sinusoidal signals etc.

RF & Microwave at Trescal A/S

Trescal A/S was appointed as DI in 2003 and offers calibration of HF-parameters up to 26,5 GHz – transmission- and reflection coefficient, power, calibration factor, attenuation, modulation, etc.


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