Hearing and Vision are probably the two most important human senses. Research and development in the field of Acoustics, sound and noise has a long tradition and significance in Denmark. There are many Danish acoustic enterprises with a high international reputation. In many countries, hearing impaired people make use of hearing aids produced by Danish companies.

Some of the leading manufacturers of measurement instrumentation are Danish, and one can also find Danish manufactured products among the finest high-fidelity and multimedia devices.

The development of instruments and devices at such high levels depends heavily on standards, accurate measurement and calibration techniques. Denmark has also a long tradition and international recognition within the field of standardisation.
All high precision measurement techniques make use of measurement microphones, and it is of special relevance for the credibility of the measurements that the microphones are calibrated using accepted methods. Because the size of a microphone can have an effect on the sound field, the sensitivity of a microphone is dependent on the sound field in which it is immersed.
There are two Danish NMIs that cover the fields of sound in air, and vibration in solids: DFM and Brüel & Kjær S&V A/S. The Danish Primary Laboratory of Acoustics represents a running collaboration between the two NMIs.

Sound in air and vibration in solids is covered at Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration A/S.
B&K carries out pressure calibration of Laboratory Standard microphones, and calibration of acceleration on vibration transducers (accelerometers). Visit www.bksv.com for further information.

Sound in air is covered at Danish Fundamental Metrology Ltd.

DFM performs free-field calibration of Laboratory Standard and other measurement microphones. Visit www.dfm.dtu.dk for further information.


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