Welcome to DANIAmet

The overall entrance key to metrology in Denmark

Metrology is the science of measurement and weight.

In Denmark today, we measure and weigh at a cost of more than DKK 50bn – a year!

Hence metrology is extremely important for free trade, both nationally and internationally. The amount of active substances in medicine or the effect on the surgeon’s laser must be precise because here, the health of the patient is at risk.
For air traffic and sea transport, measurement is of the utmost importance for reaching the destination rapidly and safely.
Processes are regulated and alarms go off on the basis of measurements, and systematic measurements are one of the cornerstones in industrial quality management.
Thus, metrology has, through the establishment of traceability to the highest technical measurement references, an important role to play in the infrastructure and for continuous innovation of, among other things, increasingly smaller, bigger, better and more efficient products.

DANIAmet is the active element in the work to ensure an efficient and forward-looking metrological basis for Danish trade and industry and society as a whole.

DANIAmet is an association and a range of member organisations where the individual members each constitutes an element in the practising part of metrology. Presently, DANIAmet comprises the following member organisations:

        • DANIAmet-MI, consisting of the Danish national metrology laboratories appointed by the Danish Safety Technology Authority, which jointly constitute the Danish MI (the Metrology Institutes)
        • DANIAmet-CLM, consisting of the most important players within legal metrology
        • DANIAmet-CDFM, consisting of GTS institutes with appointed Danish national metrology laboratories, and which, through performance contracts with the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, hold a special role concerning communication and development.

The individual members/players are mentioned in the description of the respective organisations, while the classification of the metrology into, among other things, fundamental and legal metrology is explained in “Metrology in Brief”.